Why Is Running My Own Business A Way To Guarantee My Employment In a Decade?

Computers are getting smarter. Nobody debates this. Moore predicted a century or so ago that the transistors (the mechanisms that make up the computers thinking power) that will be able to be fit and placed onto a silicon computer chip will double every two years.

Now, that seems like a lot, right?

Well, think of it this way: 2 transistors the first couple years, 4 transistors the next, 8 transistors the next, 16 transistors the next, 32 transistors the next, 64 transistors the next, 128 transistors the next, 246 transistors the next, 492 transistors the next, and so one. That’s a HUGE increase! Imagine what happens when you get into the millions (which doesn’t take so long)? 1 million the first couple, 2 million the next, 4 million the next, pretty soon, you’re approaching the billions!

That’s where we are now. Nothing has ever had a trend of growth as computer transistors have. Sure, there is the world-wide economic situation which improves by a few percentage points, but not doubling or tripling as transistors do! We are in unprecedented areas. Computers will become better thinking, yes, nobody debates that. But will they become analytical and logical – thinking beings?

People don’t know.

There are those with strong opinions on both the negative and positive sides of the argument. The one side says that, unlike the industrial revolution (which made machines that complemented human labour (that labour being physical)), the coming robotic revolution may be smarter, and some fear that they will take away our jobs (due to their thinking abilities). Robots have already displaced many low-wage workers in China and around the world in manual labour (their cost something around 3 dollars an hour), it is only whether they will replace the jobs which require a human’s analytical mind. A lot of a lawyer’s and Intelligence workers’ jobs are to sift through documents for a certain piece of information. They are already being displaced by computers who do that electronically. Surgeons are now using robots to perform high-precision tasks, and robots move their laundry, tools, and food to their destination.

So the trillion dollar questions are the following:

  1. Will robots take your job?
  2. What jobs will be around tomorrow, and what will be the jobs of the future?
  3. How can I assure my employment in the following decade?

It is the employers that are laying off the employees; the consumers are requiring products as much as ever. So, if I can become an employer with a steady consumer consumption of my wares, it will be rather invincible to the robotic revolution. It is a way of staying ahead of the stampede or riding the wave. It puts me ahead. 

In conclusion, a robotic revolution is coming. We are in unprecedented areas of computerized growth. Human jobs both physical and some mental are at risk of being replaced by robots at some point in the future. The way to stay ahead of this wave is to join it; to become an employer who can embrace robotics as they come.

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