When It is Appropriate to Sell My Business

If I were to sell my business, I would probably start a small eco-system model farm (a farm where it practically runs itself like nature) and go into politics. Politics these days never cease to amaze me, and I feel like I could bring some order to what is an un-orderly system.

The eco-system farm is kind of a dream of mine, and the political aspect is what I see know as a form of my calling. With time, my views and beliefs in this area may change, but this is how I would answer the question today.

To support myself in these areas, I would obviously need a fair bit of capital. Over time, I will acquire savings (I’m quite a prodigious saver), but I will likely still need more.

The point of my annual income at which the sale of my business would be sufficient to support my calling really depends on how long it takes me to reach that point. If I reach it within a relatively short period of time (ten years), then I may need to continue the operation of my business for another few years. However, if it takes me a long time, then I will have acquired the annual savings to support myself, and I will sell it then.

In short, there is no hard-and-fast rule as to at what point I would sell my business.

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